Planning Application 135/19

Published: 28 July 2019

Please note that whilst the plans below are on our website, Slinfold Parish Council does NOT support this scheme. 


135/19 Presentation by Seaward Properties regarding their proposals for two potential developments on the land to the east of Stane Street and to the west of Clapgate Lane

Lucy Hill (Seaward Properties) and Stuart Hill (Strutt & Parker) spoke on their proposals for up to 280 high quality developments between Clapgate Lane (50 dwellings) and Stane Street (230 dwellings). Prior to engaging with HDC about the potential of including these schemes in HDC’s forward plan, which needs to be adopted in 2021, they wanted to present their plans locally to the village.

Councillors and residents raised many questions in relation to this proposed development which forms no part of Slinfold’s Neighbourhood Plan nor is it part of HDC’s current plan for development.

Objections raised included: -

  • These sites are not in the Neighbourhood Plan and therefore do not respect the decision making of the parish in the referendum;
  • The sites are outside the village boundary and the land is intended for agriculture;
  • Concern exists for development in the area given the level of flooding currently experienced;
  • Park Street could be isolated if another route into the village was developed;
  • The access via Clapgate Lane and Stane Street (on a 60 mph A road) is not practical;
  • No consideration has been to the infrastructure required e.g. schools, doctors etc. Slinfold could not sustain further large developments.

Cllr. Skeates (Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group) concluded on behalf of the Parish Council. These sites were not supported by the Slinfold Neighbourhood Plan. The collective view from the PC is that this was not a development that they would support in the parish and therefore they would object to the plans if they came forward. Horsham District Council will be consulting on the forward plan as there will be a requirement for more housing in the district, but not until 2021 at least.

All present were thanked for coming to the meeting. The plans for Clapgate Lane and Stane Street are on the Parish Councils planning page