Aircraft Noise

Published: 20 January 2020

The somewhat unseasonable April weather has brought us all into our gardens and Slinfold residents may well have noticed an increase in aircraft noise. The factors which affect noise in our village are quite complex.

The Parish Council is a member of the Gatwick Area Conservation group (GACC) a lobby group which, amongst other matters, attempts to monitor noise levels. An important way in which the GACC receives its information about aircraft noise is from the airport operator, the BAA.

The Parish Council suggests that it may be in the interests of Slinfold residents to be involved in the monitoring of aircraft noise.

How to report aircraft noise:

  1.  Note exact time of aircraft.
  2. Telephone Gatwick Airport - Freephone 0800 393 070 or e-mail
  3. Ask for written reply and ask for print out of aircraft track, and details of its height over your house.
  4. If you are told the matter will be taken up with the airline, or with Air Traffic Control, or with some BAA committee, insist on seeing response or action from that body. 

Please copy any correspondence to the Parish Clerk.