Distraction Burglary

Published: 20 January 2020

When you hear someone at the door:

  • Take your time – a genuine caller will wait.
  • Look and see who is there, using a window or door viewer.

If you do not recognise who it is:

  • Apply your chain or door bar. heck all your doors are locked: burglars often come in pairs, so one may come in the back door while you are being distracted at the front door.
Always ask for identification, but remember:

  • ID cards are easy to copy. If in doubt, ask them to wait and call their company to check – once again, a genuine caller will not mind.
  • Use your phone book or utility bill to find the number: don’t accept a mobile number offered to you by the caller. 

Call the police immediately if you become the victim of one of these burglars, or if you see anyone behaving suspiciously near where you live.