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The final plan as amended April 2019


The final plan as amended April 2019


Slinfold Needs a Neighbourhood Plan to..

- Empower the community

- Develop a shared vision for the parish

- Propose where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built

- Identify and protect important local green spaces

- Influence what new buildings should look like


Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure a sustainable rural community for everyone within the parish, embracing the countryside whilst providing for the future.

Our Aims
  • Encourage development of quality services and business opportunities that meet the needs of the local community, and protect and enhance the historical and local rural environment
  • Provide new and diverse leisure and recreational activities to promote engagement and well-being for all generations
  • Encourage new housing development that prioritises the needs of the community and supports the ethos of rural living.
  • Retain a village character with its individual vernacular, setting and green landscape

The Plan

Neighbourhood Planning, introduced through the Localism Act 2012, gives the community the opportunity to decide what it wants in the future covering Housing, Environment, Community and Recreational Facilities, Economic expansion and infrastructure requirements.  Once adopted by the local authority, neighbourhood plans will form part of the statutory development plan for an area and take precedence over the Local Plan in determining planning permission for local (non-strategic) development.   It is a complex process and a very new one but it is designed to allow greater input from the residents, increased control over the siting of development in the village into the future and importantly protection from unacceptable proposals.

Slinfold Parish Council set up the Neighbourhood Working Group, comprising Parish Councillors and local members of the community, to research and draw up a Neighbourhood Plan addressing the future needs of the Parish.  For the large part, the Working Group is just the central point for collecting data and the most important part of the whole process is where the public is asked for its views and has its say.