Header Image for Slinfold Parish Council

Council Structure

Chairman - Mark Wellesley-Wood

            Vice Chairman - Gael Stenton-Chandler

Listed below are Members of Parish Council Committees, Members of Parish Council Advisory Groups, and Parish Council Representatives on Outside Bodies


Finance and General Purposes Committee - N Lewis (Chairman), J Slipper, G Stenton-Chandler and M Wellesley-Wood (vacancy)

Highways Recreation and the Environment Committee (includes the Flood Action Group) - J Slipper (Chairman), N Parker, A Roberts, H Sherwin-Smith and G Stenton-Chandler

Planning Advisory Committee- G Stenton-Chandler (Chairman), E Skeates (Vice-Chairman), N Beer and T Nicklin

Advisory Groups:

Industrial Liaison Group: G Stenton-Chandler, J Slipper

Legal Issues & Public Information: as directed by the Parish Council

Representatives on Outside Bodies/Working Groups:

Child Memorial Village Hall A Roberts

Parish Cottages – 2 Trustees H Sherwin-Smith

Slinfold Sports Association    J Slipper, M Burroughs (vacancy)

                                                                        Village Shop and Post Office - J Slipper, M Wellesley-Wood, H Sherwin-Smith, N Lewis and N Parker

Police Matters - A Roberts

Youth Matters  - J Slipper (vacancy)

Older Person Matters - H Sherwin-Smith

                                                                        Neighbourhood Plan Working Group - E Skeates (Chairman) and G Stenton-Chandler (vacancies)

                                                                         Parish Design Statement E Skeates, A Roberts

                       Gatwick Airport - M Wellesley-Wood with support from S Spencer

                                                         HALC, SSALC, CLC Representatives as required are appointed by the Parish Council

Disaster Recovery/Emergency Planning Team - A Roberts and N Parker together with Mary Burroughs (Parish Clerk) (one vacancy)


Parish Council Committees are required to meet in public, with the meetings being minuted by the Clerk. Within its terms of reference, a Committee may be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Parish Council.