Header Image for Slinfold Parish Council

Council Structure

Chairman - Mark Wellesley-Wood

            Vice Chairman - Gael Stenton-Chandler

Listed below are Members of Parish Council Committees, Members of Parish Council Advisory Groups, and Parish Council Representatives on Outside Bodies


Finance and General Purposes Committee

N Lewis (Chairman), N Beer, J Slipper, G Stenton-Chandler and M Wellesley-Wood

Highways Recreation and the Environment Committee (includes the Flood Action Group)

J Slipper (Chairman), N Parker, A Roberts and H Sherwin-Smith (one vacancy)

Planning Advisory Committee

G Stenton-Chandler (Chairman), E Skeates (Vice-Chairman), N Beer, T Nicklin and H Sherwin-Smith

Village Shop Committee

J Slipper, M Wellesley-Wood, H Sherwin-Smith, N Lewis and N Parker


Advisory Groups:

Industrial Liaison Group: G Stenton-Chandler, J Slipper

Legal Issues & Public Information: as directed by the Parish Council

Representatives on Outside Bodies/Working Groups:

Child Memorial Village Hall - A Roberts

Parish Cottages – 2 Trustees - H Sherwin-Smithand E Skeates

Slinfold Sports Association    J Slipper, T Nicklin and M Burroughs

Police Matters - A Roberts

Youth Matters  - J Slipper and N Parker

Older Person Matters - H Sherwin-Smith

                                                                        Neighbourhood Plan Working Group - E Skeates (Chairman) N Beer and G Stenton-Chandler 

                                                                        Parish Design Statement E Skeates, A Rober

Gatwick Airport - M Wellesley-Wood and N Parker with support from S Spencer

                                                        HALC, SSALC, CLC Representatives as required are appointed by the Parish Council

Disaster Recovery/Emergency Planning Team - A Roberts and N Parker together with Mary Burroughs (Parish Clerk)


Parish Council Committees are required to meet in public, with the meetings being minuted by the Clerk. Within its terms of reference, a Committee may be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Parish Council.