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Slinfold Parish Council aims to represent the interests of the residents of the parish as a whole and to preserve the environment for the enjoyment of the villagers, visitors and future generations. The Council is responsible for a range of services and also works in partnership with County and District Councils as well as local village organisations.

The Council is always keen to ensure that its priorities and initiatives reflect the wishes of the electorate. All meetings are open to the public and are preceded by a session for public comments. Alternatively, the Clerk or individual councillors may be contacted if you have any ideas for, or concerns about, the parish, or any issues with which we may be able to help with.

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" At a meeting to discuss the Examiners Report, Horsham District Council (HDC) outlined the position - this is their plan and they very much want to work with Slinfold Parish Council. There are 3 options:

1 Accept plan modifications, as is, and go to referendum.

2 Scrap the whole plan

3 Accept some but not all the modifications (Preferred option)

HDC is prepared to make changes but as a rule wanted to try and accept as many of the examiners recommendations as possible, otherwise the Plan might have to be re-examined with the risk a new examiner doesn't pass it.

In summary, the main issues are:

1 HDC do want to see numbers for sites. They will word numbers as "at least..." which gives a 10% tolerance

2 They want us to review the allocation on Hayes Lane as 15 is too low and we should review our rationale.

3 They do support the Examiners suggestion to remove the scout hut from Crosby farm. They do recommend we strengthen "The Cobblers" to include the scout hut explicitly.

4 They support the removal of end of West Way as a site and the consequent removal of the Central fields as Local Green Space. They will reference in their explanations that Central Fields will be picked up in a forthcoming Conservation Area review and they have prioritised Slinfold.

The process hereon is HDC publishes its explanation of the modifications and holds another 6 week consultation.  Then, 5 weeks later they make their decision to either go to referendum or go for re-examination. "

 More on the Slinfold Neighbourhood Plan follows

For full details of the plan and the examination process please click on the link below and scroll down till you reach the Slinfold plan.


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