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We currently have a vacancy for Parish Councillor.  If you are interested, please take a look at the guides below and come along to the next Parish Council meeting.  If you qualify (please check you are eligible by using the Terms of Office document below and then complete an application form and send it to the Clerk.
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Terms of Office 2013
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Bonfires…please be considerate to your neighbours

Having a regular garden bonfire is likely to be seen as anti-social by many of your neighbours.  Horsham District Council advise that bonfires are not the best environmental option and produce pollutants that are damaging to human health.  There are always more responsible alternatives than burning garden waste, such as applying for a subsidised garden composter or using a civic amenity site.  For more information please visit the HDC website or telephone them on 01403-215100.

If you do feel it necessary to have an occasional bonfire please be considerate to your neighbours.

Distraction Burglary…don’t get caught out, please be careful.  Sussex Police offer this advice….

When you hear someone at the door:  

  • Take your time – a genuine caller will wait. 
  •  Look and see who is there, using a window or door viewer.  

If you do not recognise who it is:  

  • Apply your chain or door bar. heck all your doors are locked: burglars often come in pairs, so one may come in the back door while you are being distracted at the front door.  

Always ask for identification, but remember:  

  • ID cards are easy to copy.  If in doubt, ask them to wait and call their company to check – once again, a genuine caller will not mind.
  • Use your phone book or utility bill to find the number: don’t accept a mobile number offered to you by the caller.  

Call the police immediately if you become the victim of one of these burglars, or if you see anyone behaving suspiciously near where you live.

Our beloved pooches…are you a responsible dog owner?

There have been a number of reported incidents of dogs in King George V and Sports Association fields.  Please do not exercise your dogs in these areas.

Dog fouling on footpaths has also been brought to our attention.  Please pick faeces up and deposit in the dog litterbins provided or take home and deposit in your own litter bin.

Thank you.

Fed up with anti-social driving? 

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership has launched a new web-based reporting system for bad driving.  Residents are being encouraged to log on to the website http://www.operationcrackdown.org/ or call 01243 642222 to give a brief description of what was seen and where the incident happened.  The information will be analysed and appropriate action taken if necessary by Sussex Police.  

Please also remember that you can report incidents of anti-social driving for example speeding or thoughtless driving to Sussex Police on their non-urgent telephone number which is 101 or alternatively you may register your complaint at http://www.sussex.police.uk/ - Sussex Police will provide you with a reference please record this for future reference.   

Don’t tolerate it report it! 

Aircraft Noise 

The somewhat unseasonable April weather has brought us all into our gardens and Slinfold residents may well have noticed an increase in aircraft noise. The factors which affect noise in our village are quite complex. 

The Parish Council is a member of the Gatwick Area Conservation group (GACC) a lobby group which, amongst other matters, attempts to monitor noise levels. An important way in which the GACC receives its information about aircraft noise is from the airport operator, the BAA.  

The Parish Council suggests that it may be in the interests of Slinfold residents to be involved in the monitoring of aircraft noise.  

How to report aircraft noise:

1. Note exact time of aircraft.

2. Telephone Gatwick Airport - Freephone 0800 393 070  or e-mail lgwnoise_line@baa.co.uk

3. Ask for written reply and ask for print out of aircraft track, and details of its height over your house.

4. If you are told the matter will be taken up with the airline, or with Air Traffic Control, or with some BAA committee, insist on seeing response or action from that body. 

Please copy any correspondence to Beverley Turner, Parish Clerk. 

King George’s Field Maintenance Access Gates Mitchell Gardens

The Parish Council has a licence agreement for maintenance access to the King George’s Field from Mitchell Gardens.   The maintenance access is through a pair of close boarded wooden gates in Mitchell Gardens.  The Parish Council does not own the land the gates are erected upon, and thus is unable to open these gates for public access.  The Parish Council is responsible for the repair and maintenance of these gates

Reminder for all Equestrians

A number of equestrians have been observed riding along the pavements in the village, notably in Lyons Road.  Equestrians might like to re-visit the Highway Code: Rules about animals:  Rule number 40 which states: 

You MUST NOT take a horse on to a footpath, pavement or cycle track. Use a bridleway where possible.  Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & R(S)A sect 129(5). 

Unfortunately, piles of horse excrement are building up on pavements leading to the centre of the village, which is unpleasant and potentially dangerous for pedestrians, especially after dark. 

Flood Warnings Direct  

The Environment Agency is encouraging people to register for their free Floodline Warnings Direct Service.  This service is free and provides customers with flood warnings by telephone, mobile, email, SMS text, fax or pager.  Upon registration customers will be sent a welcome booklet with the full details of the service. 

To register telephone 0845 988 1188. 

For more information, see the Environment Agency website: