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The Parish Council and Planning

Slinfold Parish Council has a very active Planning Advisory Committee who respond to planning applications. Five members of the Parish Council form this committee.

Local Planning Authorities (Horsham District Council (HDC) and West Sussex County Council (WSCC) notify Slinfold Parish Council, as statutory consultee, that a planning application has been received and validated and request that the Parish Council responds to the application with 21 days from the date of notification.

The Clerk notifies the members of the committee that an application is in the system and asks that they review the application and comment. The Chairman of the Committee collates the responses and shares these at the next Parish Council meeting, where the recommendations put forward are considered and agreed. Members of the public are most welcome to attend meetings and ‘have their say’ on applications during the Public Forum at the start of every meeting.

Occasionally, the Parish Council (PC) must decide whether to consider an application that is not on the agenda. This occurs when the planning authority notifies the PC of an application between the time the agenda has been published and the PC meeting itself. If an extension by the planning authority is not permitted i.e. so that it can be tabled and considered at the meeting the following month, then the PC may choose to respond. If members of the public are aware of an application that is not on the agenda and they want their comments to be considered then they should do so using the local planning authority website and copy their comments to the Clerk at the very earliest opportunity by email at clerk@slinfold-pc.gov.uk

Planning Reports - Click on the links below to see the applications considered by the Parish Council at their monthly meetings. The Parish Council’s agreed response to HDC/WSCC is minutes (Meeting and Minutes).


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The Planning Application Process

Public Involvement in Planning - Confused by the Planning Process?

Horsham District Council (HDC) have produced a short, revised edition of a leaflet entitled ‘Public Involvement in Planning’ which may help if you are confused by the planning application process.  HDC is committed to balancing the speed and efficiency of decision making against the involvement of the public in the planning process. 

The Key Steps of the planning application process are summarised as follows:

Step 1 : The Consultation Process

  • A list of planning applications received by HDC are published weekly in the local press.
  • Applications can be viewed in the Council Offices or on the HDC ‘Public Access’ website.
  • HDC send letters to those likely to be affected by a development.
  • Slinfold Parish Council receive details of all applications and are required to respond to HDC within 14 days of the application being posted.
  • There is a legal/stautory requirement for ‘Site Notices’ to be displayed in special areas such as conservation areas.  Whilst HDC do ask all applicants to display a site notice, please note that there is no statutory requirement for notices to be displayed unless the development is in a special area.

Step 2 : How to respond to Consultation

Slinfold Parish Council are requested to respond to an application within 14 days of HDC having sent out a copy in the post.  Our Planning Advisory Committee review all applications received and provide HDC with a comment wherever possible within this 14 days but this comment is subject to the approval of the full Parish Council on the last Thursday of every month.  If you would like the Parish Council to consider your views on an application that they are being consulted upon, please email clerk@slinfold-pc.gov.uk or telephone 01403-785864.

Anyone can make a comment to HDC on an application up until the target determination date which is usually 8 weeks after the application has been validated, but this must be done in writing to the Planning Department, North Street, Horsham RH12 1RL or by emailing planning@horsham.gov.uk   It is important that you indicate in writing whether you wish to speak to HDC on the planning application.  HDC will provide you with further information on the process involved.

Step 3 : Assessment of the Planning Application

Each application is allocated to a Planning Case Officer and this officer will be a point of contact for enquiries.  Please telephone The Planning Department on 01403-215187 should you wish to talk to the Case Officer.

Step 4 : The decision

Planning applications may be determined by officers who have delegated powers, or by a planning committee who meet once a month.  You may speak at the committee meeting, but each speaking slot will be limited to 2 minutes.

Please contact The Planning Department on 01403-215187 if you have further queries about the process.   If you would like a copy of the leaflet produced by HDC ‘Public Involvement in Planning’ please contact the clerk on 01403-785864.