The Working Group

Meeting notes of the Slinfold Neighbourhood Plan Working Group


Report from 21st April 2015 
  1. Received presentation from Sajid Ali of Prime Group on site called Horsham Green on land adjoining A264 and Lyons Rd for 500 houses. This was presented to HDC as a Strategic Site but not included in their site allocation.
  2. Responses to the Forum workshop held on 26th March were reviewed. These largely supported existing Policies.
  3. Public Consultation process discussed following meetings on 17th and 18th April when 260 attendees recorded across both sessions.. Feedback forms will now be analysed and final date for return of Questionnaires is 30th April. Verbal feedback from both presenters and public on the process was generally positive.
  4. Further work is being done on Site Assessments for all 9 sited offered up to the plan and will be tested against Sustainability Appraisal.
  5. Policies developed by the WG will be reviewed by our Planning Adviser, Dale Mayhew
  6. Landscape Architect will be retained to advise on Countryside protection and Green Space Designations
  7. Next meetings: Wednesday 20th May; Wednesday 24th June, Wednesday 22nd July and Wednesday 19th August.
Mark Wellesley-Wood


Report from 18th March 2015 
  1. Presentation received on Land West of Clapgate Lane (Fladgates Farm)
  2. Presentation prepared for Working Group Forum Meeting with local Clubs, Associations and Businesses
  3. Preparations made for Public Consultation on Sites to be held in two sessions: Friday April from 7.00 to 8.30 pm and Saturday 18th April from 10.00 to 11.30 am. A representative from each of the 8 sites currently being assessed in the Plan have been invited and posters and magazine article ready to distribute.
  4. Work continues on refining and identifying Policies for the Submission Plan
  5. A meeting will be held with our Planner Dale Mayhew to review the timetable, which is currently indicating submission in November.
  6. Dates of next meetings: 21st April, 19th May and 23rd June all at 7.00 pm
Mark Wellesley-Wood

Report from February 2015
  1. Over 50 Plans have now been approved at referenda in England. The latest in West Sussex was Hurstpierpoint
  2. Initial contact made with Abingdon Strategic on site in Spring Lane. No plans available yet.
  3. Dowsett Mayhew’s Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal was approved
  4. The WG has now received notice of 8 potential sites. Since these sites more than fulfil any potential housing need in the Parish Area it was decided to hold a Public Consultation on these in April
  5. Slinfold Developments has decided to move directly to a Public Consultation on its site to the North of the Cricket Pitch
  6. The target date for production of the Draft Plan is now July.
  7. Further funding from Locality will be available in April, which should meet planned costs until submission of Draft Plan.
  8. Next Meetings Wednesday 18th March & Tuesday 21st April
Mark Wellesley-Wood

Report from January 2015
  1. Comments made on draft Scoping Report of Sustainability Assessment produced by Dowsett Mayhew
  2. Reviewed first draft of Submission Plan
  3. Preparation of 2015 Budget
  4. Responses (49) received from Consultation Questionnare
  5. Next Meetings: 24th February, 18th March, 21st April
Mark Wellesley-Wood



Report from 16th December 2014
Steering group: Mark Wellesley-Wood (Chairman) Camilla Gibson; Sam Graycon; Lesley Day; Ed Skeates; Billy Joel; Helen Dayneswood; Martyn Haines; Jo Lynn, Sarah Harrison, Paul Taylor. Administrator: Jane Bromley; Consultant: Dale Mayhew.

Those present: Chairman, Mark Wellesley Wood; Camilla Gibson; Lesley Day; Billy Joel; Helen Dayneswood; Sarah Harrison; Paul Taylor; Dale Mayhew (Consultant). The following arrived during the SNP8 Site presentation: Martyn Haines; Jo Lynn; Sam Graycon; Ed Skeates. Also present Jane Bromley (Administrator)
Report of WG Meeting held on 16th December 2014: 
  1. Three site presentations were received in relation to sites SNP 8, SNP 1 & SNP 9
  2. Completed Site Assessments have been received from sites SNP6 & SNP 5
  3. It was reported that the developer on SNP3 made a representation directly to the HDC Planning Inspector.
  4. HDC Planners have confirmed that WG has to assess all sites with impartiality
  5. The Parish Online mapping service is up and running – this is available to all Cllrs
  6. A Questionnaire has been distributed to provide further evidence of consultation with residents and businesses.
  7. Dale Mayhew (Planner) has submitted his draft Sustainability Assessment for review
  8. Expenditure FY to date has been £2,070.93. A budget for Calendar 15 will be drawn up.
  9. Next Meeting: 7.00 pm on 13th January
Mark Wellesley Wood

Report from 21st December 2014
  1. History of Slinfold - Diana Chatwin has kindly agreed to update for the Plan
  2. Support from HDC - no longer providing maps for Neighbourhood Plan so alternative source needs to be found
  3. Closing date for Admin Assistant Applications extended to 9th November
  4. SNP Housing Land Availability Assessment Form now available
  5. Policies - first drafts underway
  6. Public Consultation - Quarterly Report to be distributed in December with details of Objectives for each policy area and response form (hard copy and online)
  7. Next meeting - 18th November 2014, 7:00pm in the Parish Room
Mark Wellesley Wood

Report from 23rd September 2014
  1. Consultation notices sent to neighbouring parishes
  2. Website is now live
  3. Lesley Day has volunteered to join group and will pick up responsibility for Biodiversity & Environmental sections
  4. Responsibilities for drafting Pre-Submission Plan allocated through group
  5. Recommendation to PC to hire administrative assistant
  6. Recommendation to PC to raise SHLAA inconsistencies with HDC
  7. MWW to ask Dale Mayhew to supply Site Appraisal methodology
  8. A communication exercise will be organised shortly. Noticeboards and displays to be prepared
  9. Next meeting will be October 21st at 7:00pm
Mark Wellesley Wood