How the Meetings work

Full Parish Council meetings are held at 7.30 p.m. on the last Thursday of every month (in December, this may vary). Meetings of the Parish Council's Planning Advisory Committee are held as required, check the Meetings Schedule. 

All Parish Council meetings and Committee meetings :

  • include a public session at the beginning of the meeting (usually at about 7:30 pm for up to 15 minutes), during which any local resident may address the Council on relevant issues. If you wish to speak to the Council during the public session, no notice is required, you may simply turn up at the appropriate time. It would, however, assist the Council in preparing for the issue you wish to raise, if you were able to advise the Clerk in advance.
  • are open to the public, who may listen to the Council's discussions (but may not participate, except by invitation). If you merely wish to sit in on the Council meeting, please simply turn up at any time during the meeting. If you wish to listen to the discussion on a particular item, the Council may be able to adjust the agenda sequence to assist you, if advance notice is given to the Clerk.
  • Exceptionally, discussion of particular agenda items involving confidential issues may be closed to the press and public. These will normally be placed towards the end of the agenda.

Parish Council meetings and Committee meetings are held in mainly in the Parish Room at the Village Hall, although other venues may apply if the Parish Room is booked (please check the agenda and for the meeting). If you would like to attend a Parish Council meeting but cannot manage the stairs to the Parish Room, please notify the clerk as early as possible (but in any event, at least a week prior to the meeting) and we will endeavour to relocate the meeting to a more accessible location.