Draft Plan Consultation

The DRAFT plan (Reg 14 Pre Submission Plan) has now completed its six week consultation period that took place 25th April 2016 9:00 to 6th June 2016 17:00

During the consultation period you will be able to comment on the plan and your comments will contribute towards the final plan. This pre submission plan is published below and hard copies will be available from the village shop. Click on the documents below to view them.

slinfold neighbourhood plan

sustainability appraisal

Parish Based Evidence

Click on the site name to view the corresponding Housing Land Availability Assessment. The sites are in order from 1 to 15.

1. East of Hayes Lane (15 units) PROPOSED
2. End of West Way/Nibletts Farm (18 units) PROPOSED
3. Nowhurst Business Park (10 units) PROPOSED
4. Crosby Farm/North of Cricket Pitch (21 units) PROPOSED
5. Bridge House Equestrian Centre (4 units) PROPOSED
6. West of Clapgate Lane - Fladgates (50 units) NOT PROPOSED
7. Rear of Red Lyon (20 units) NOT PROPOSED
8. East of Spring Lane (55 units) NOT PROPOSED

9. Lyons Farm (200 units) NOT PROPOSED
10. Lower Broadbridge Farm (50 units) NOT PROPOSED
11. West of Spring Farm (10 units) PROPOSED
12. Gate Lodge Already has PP
13. The Cobblers - Hayes Lane (10 units) PROPOSED
14. Crosby Farm - (East) PLAN WITHDRAWN
15. Nibletts (4-5 units)   NOT PROPOSED

Supporting Documents