Consultation Results November 2015

On the 13th and 14th of November, the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group held a public exhibition at Slinfold Village Hall. This was the third public exhibition so far in the Neighbourhood Plan process and important as considerations have changed with regard to how sites should be assessed and the number of proposed sites has increased to fifteen (see below).

1. East of Hayes Lane (15 units) PROPOSED
2. End of West Way/Nibletts Farm (18 units) PROPOSED
3. Nowhurst Business Park (10 units) PROPOSED
4. Crosby Farm/North of Cricket Pitch (21 units) PROPOSED
5. Bridge House Equestrian Centre (4 units) PROPOSED
6. West of Clapgate Lane - Fladgates (50 units) NOT PROPOSED
7. Rear of Red Lyon (20 units) NOT PROPOSED
8. East of Spring Lane (55 units) NOT PROPOSED

9. Lyons Farm (200 units) NOT PROPOSED
10. Lower Broadbridge Farm (50 units) NOT PROPOSED
11. West of Spring Farm (10 units) PROPOSED
12. Gate Lodge Already has PP
13. The Cobblers - Hayes Lane (10 units) PROPOSED
14. Crosby Farm - (East) PLAN WITHDRAWN
15. Nibletts (4-5 units)   NOT PROPOSED

The exhibition focused on “Sustainability” as set out by the National Planning Policy Framework i.e. the Economic, Environmental and Social benefits that could be achieved from individual sites. Display boards explained what this meant and how sustainability could be considered.

Essentially, an emphasis on a smaller number of homes per site, more centrally located around the village, increases the chances of a site being considered “Sustainable”.The boards set out on a site-by-site analysis of the proposals put forward by developers and on the same page the proposals that the working group considered were sustainable in terms of numbers of development given the above criteria.

The public was asked to score the sites on the same basis. The results are summarised in the graph below.

slinfold consultation results graph

The conclusions of the exhibition were presented to Slinfold Parish Council on the 26th of November. The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group were seeking approval to the following resolutions so that the drafting of the plan could be completed and submitted to Horsham District Council for consideration. The Parish Council RESOLVED:

  1. that the Housing Need for Slinfold parish during the life of the Neighbourhood Plan will be in the range of 60 to 100 houses (including “windfall sites”) and recognises that there is a requirement to plan for the upper limit.
  2. to support the sites proposed to be brought forward for development through the Neighbourhood Plan.
  3. to support the proposed sites to be designated as green spaces in the Neighbourhood Plan.