Broadband in Slinfold

Fed up with slow broadband connection speeds?

The Government is running a scheme to roll out full-fibre broadband to rural areas. We currently have fibre as far as local cabinets which limits speeds to 60Mbps. Installing fibre from the cabinet to your home will enable speeds of up to 1,000Mbps (1 Gigabit). All Slinfold postcodes are classed as rural and so are eligible.

How can the Parish Council help?

You can apply for the scheme on your own but by coordinating registrations we may be able to get more focus on Slinfold and bring costs down. There is no cost or commitment at this stage of the process.*

How does the scheme work? 

  1.  Customers find a supplier (likely to be Openreach in Slinfold) to install the fibre to your home
  2. The supplier requests a voucher from the government who then check you are happy to proceed
  3. The supplier installs the fibre and informs the government the work is done
  4. The government checks that the service is live and working before paying

What will it cost?

The funding available (below) should cover the full cost of installing the new fibre connection to you home. Funding is available to private homes as well as to smaller businesses (SMEs) and can be topped up by West Sussex County Council.

What funding is available?

For Homes
Government - up to £1,500
WSCC - up to £2,500
Total - up to £4,000
For SME's 
Government - up to £3,500
WSCC - up to £500
Total - up to £4,000 

Will I need to change my broadband provider?

If you are a BT, Vodaphone or TalkTalk customer then you shouldn’t need to change your provider but you will need to change your contract. One condition of the scheme is that you sign up to a minimum of 30mbps or double your current speed for a year after installation whichever is greater. Changing contract could have cost implications or require you to change your email address. You will also need a new router to cope with fibre but this would be supplied by your provider.

How much will the faster broadband contract cost?

This will depend on the provider you choose and the speed you want. Some indicative costs are shown below but bear in mind that the more people who sign up for faster broadband, the more likely the costs are to come down. For all of the options below there will be an additional £10 fee for phone rental (if required). 

£35 per month 
£38 per month 
£48 per month 
£55 per month 

Will my phone line be affected?

The new fibre can still run a normal landline or you could move to newer phone options such as VoIP which eliminates the need for line rental. If you do cancel your landline then some ISPs will offer mobile phone coverage via WiFi as well. Again, worth checking the details of any new contract.

What do I need to do now?

If you are interested in the scheme please fill in the form here by 30th November.

*The Parish Council is acting as coordinators for the scheme and cannot offer technical advice. The Parish Council cannot be financially liable for an costs not covered by the scheme and it is important that anyone who signs up to the scheme after registration is fully aware of the terms and conditions of the scheme.